Men point of view


men point of view

7 Sep By John Drew. brain_male_sm Love is one of those words that is abused, kind of like DECIMATE. Decimate means 10% but everyone who uses the word means totally or maybe all but 10% and we have come to accept the misuse of the word. Love is like that, people say I Love You, what they mean is. Over the past few weeks in our Fiction Writing series, we've covered a lot about characters but very little about the actual nuts and bolts of writing. I'm not a technical kind of guy when it comes to writing. I know what sounds good, I know what looks good and I understand how to write a good scene. I guess you could say that. Get all the details on 12 Angry Men: Point of View. Description, analysis, and more, so you can understand the ins and outs of 12 Angry Men.

Men point of view -

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Approaching Women on the Street: A Man's Point of View!!!

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