Pau sucks


pau sucks

5 Nov Kobe Bryant has recently come out to be very self-critical, publicly calling himself the th best player in the NBA, and saying that he “sucks,” but his former teammate Pau Gasol is not surprised. Pau Gasol is one of the NBA’s longest-playing veterans, and he spent several. I don't think his defense sucks at all. It's just a horrible match up for him. The guy he should have been matching up with Tyson Chandler. Tyson is a PF/C type like Pau. West is a pure Forward. The best match up for West was Lamar, and after that Ariza. Ariza had him on a few sets and did great. Too bad Phil missed out on . Who ever said Pau sucks at D? Did that person not watch what he did against Dwight Howard in the Finals? Since he became a Laker, I always thought Pau was a good one on one defender against other bigs in the paint. IMO what Pau can't do, is be the defensive anchor/help defender in the paint. You know, that.

Pau sucks -

There are far worse defenders among the elite PF position. Results 46 to 60 of Stop flopping and play you foggot.

: Pau sucks

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