Sloppy urine


sloppy urine

A sex move in which one partner urinates into a plastic water bottle and then inserts the mouth of the bottle into the second partner's anal cavity letting the urine drain into the anus of that partner. The First partner then drinks the urine after it is squirted out of the anus of the second partner. A Colorado woman has been cited by police after a container of what appeared to be urine blew up as she was heating it up in a microwave at a say the incident occurred in the convenience store chain's Aurora location last week when the cler. Thus, when discussing channel pathology we refer not only to what is visible or what is Signs of the External and Internal Pathways of the Channels TABLE Channel Lung Large intestine Stomach Spleen Heart Small intestine Urinary bladder Kidney Pericardium Triple burner Gallbladder Liver External channel.

: Sloppy urine

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Sloppy urine Poo can turn green after consuming food and drink containing blue or green food colouring, or if food travels too fast through the gut and some bile is still present. One person dead after two-car crash on Mt. Pee the colour of syrup or molasses needs medical investigation. Beeturia is the term for passing red urine after eating beetroot. Injured toes cock suck skier airlifted from Mt.
sloppy urine

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