Pregnant friends


pregnant friends

6 Mar When I was pregnant with my son, I remember feeling surprised by the loss of control over my body—and the fact that other people viewed my experience of growing a human as a free-for-all to say whatever they wanted. It's tricky: For the majority of the time, most folks do mean well and are only trying to be. 13 Mar So your bestie just announced she's pregnant, and she's already drowning in the cute onesies and nursery room essentials. While we're fans of decking out your baby's wardrobe and their playroom, we know your pregnant friend is the real star of the show. We've got 30 essential presents for all the fab. 10 Mar Right now a lot of my friends are pregnant (it seems to come in waves). As one of the first moms to have kids in my peer group, I am the go-to person for advice, help and complaints. When I look back to being the only pregnant one, there were a lot of ways I lacked support from my friends and a lot of things I.


Friends - HD - Rachel Tells Ross She Is Pregnant pregnant friends

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