Stretch slapping


stretch slapping

15 Nov Three people including a prominent Chinese “slapping therapist” have been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter after a diabetic woman died following a workshop based around the controversial form of “self-healing”. “Master Xiao's philosophy is that we don't have to wait for someone to heal us. We must take full control of our health and live in harmonious relationship with nature. The Tao way. The natural way in which one adjusts one's body to match with nature's way. In this manner, each of us will be our own doctor.” — Good Guy . 26 Apr No need to use a rolling pin next time you do pizza.


La-Jin using Bench Stretch by Master Xiao Hong Chi (2012) 8/16 17 Mar PaidaLajin is part of the traditional Chinese medicine TCM and which method heal with slapping and stretching by master Hongchi Xiao. A Chinese man is gaining notoriety for trying to cure his patients' illnesses by literally beating it out of them. Former investment banker and self-styled healer Hongchi. 26 Apr No need to use a rolling pin next time you do pizza. 7 May Hongchi, who claims to have learned the ancient practice of 'paida lajin' from a Taoist monk, says that his slaps have cured several medical conditions ranging from diabetes to hypertension. “The slapping and stretching work together to clear the meridians of blocks and help the body get rid of the disease,”. stretch slapping

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